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Don't feel shy to carry around your foley catheter bag. It can be covered and designed to fit your style. We have all kinds of styles from the young to the elderly. Find your cover and wear it with Confidence.

Ever thought of giving a friendly gift to those who carry around a catheter bag. Or if you are uncomfortable to say something about that unpleasant bag they have next to their bed, give them a cover and get it covered with confidence. Plus, there are too many people and patients who are hesitant to go anywhere with their foley catheter bags, since it brings down their courage and others may think it is embarrassing. Let's give the one's we love confidence to live life and enjoy it.

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HoodieCat Reviews


My grandmother loves her HoodieCat™ Cover. It provides her with the confidence she needs to bring her catheter bag wherever she wants.

Melissa Mac

Oct 1, 2016

This product has saved my sanity time and time again through this situation. Thank you for your dedication to this product. You have no idea how much this appreciated.



We have been using these for 4 years now, and he will NOT leave home without it!



I wore the cover on my foley today in public, and there were so many less stares. I showed it to two nurse friends, and they said they thought it was a purse because it was so unnoticeable. I feel so much more confident wearing it, and not showing the white bag, and the contents of the tube. Thanks again

M. C. L.


I received the order for the tube covers and they are PERFECT! We used one yesterday on a trip out and I am so glad that we do not have to hide the tubes under clothing or other tricks anymore. Thanks for such a great solution!