Do not use the covers in place of the catheter bag


Treat the Covers like you would your clothes. Keep them washed to avoid infection.

Bed Side Cover

Step 1:

Slip the tube through the tubular cover.

Step 2:

Place the bed side catheter bag into the HoodieCat bag cover and then pull the bag cover over the bed side catheter bag.

Step 3:

Pull and tie the shoe lace and you are all set.

Step 4 (When Needed):

Open the velcro at the bottom of the HoodieCat Bag cover and pull out the valve in order to release the urine contents.

Step 5 (When Needed):

When finished close the valve, rinse valve off with water, and re-insert it into the catheter bag valve holder. If there is no valve holder make sure the valve is dry and place it back in the cover and then close the velcro.


Wash Instructions

  • Use a Mesh bag* to prevent HoodieCat Covers from tearing
  • Machine wash cold; no bleach; tumble dry; remove promptly

Preventative Measures

  • Please treat the covers like you would your clothes. They need to be changed and washed on a regular basis in order to prevent skin irritation.

*A pillow case can be used as an alternative if a mesh bag isn't present.